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Laser Combat Weapons and Armoury

The accurate range of our laser technology attracts people looking for better combat simulation, this is the reason why many of the military have turned to infrared technology . The state of the art configurable semi and semi-automatic lightweight laser weapons have a range of up to 400mtrs, wind or other weather conditions cannot interfere with your aim, the laser travels in a straight line, so when you hit your opponent it's down to your skill, not luck.


MP5 laser gun

Used with the Uzi machine guns when upgrading to our weapon pack.

We offer a weapon pack upgrade:

Akimbo 2 Uzi guns
Uzi gun and a riot shield
AR15, Front grip & Eotech Scope
Sniper, one shot kill.

You can choose your set up for each
mission, to get the best out of the session.
riot shield for use in laser combat games

Custom bomb prop, made & sold by us. 5 COD games in one bomb prop. Call 01424 423778 for details.

laser game bomb prop

Laser game Uzi gun